Monday, August 31, 2009

Is There Any Difference between Search Engine Friendly Approach And Search Engine Optimized Approach?


             In this artical i'm gonna discuss whether there is anything that is essentially
a part of Search Engine Optimization but that is not affecting the Search Engine
          This topic is a controversial one indeed and needs to be analyzed meticulously
because upon these processes of Search Engine Optimization a business website
primarily depends to get the desired publicity and spotlight. Search Engine
Optimization plays a very important role when a new website has been launched.
In the first hour it is not so easy for a new site to acquire a First Page Position
in the Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, AltaVista, MSN.

                    Now back to the topic we are here to talk about what is an integral 
part of Optimization method and how it is influencing the page ranking of website
comprising good, natural and a worthy content. A natural and rich content
is a treasure and it can make a very easy way for higher ranking in the well
known Search Engines like Google. But it is difficult for a Web and an SEO
Developer to differenciate between the closely linked two practises of SEO
and a Search Engine Friendly tactics. This is a complete process in itself
and it is an one undivided whole mission motivating the most important job
of raising the value of a website content, thus boosting the page rank of
a website.
                           Making a site Search Engine friendly is a part of Search Engine 
Optimization. Further the later is a part of SEM or Search Engine Marketing. So 
now it isclear that Search Engine friendly content is the first step of Search Engine
Optimization only.
SEM is a broad process that encompasses several methods like:
1) Pay- per- Click advertisement.
It depends a lot on the type of business you are relating to. For Example
if the type of business has to tackle a really hard competitive market like
Web Development Business than it is truly important for one SEM Professional
to optimize the site with rich content. Not only this one also consider pay-
per- click advertisement
, Link building and others. In case of high competition
SEM need to be done in details including all the fields to maximize the growth.
So here it would not be a wise job to divide the process in parts to get a
all- round understanding and result.

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